Acetaia del Parco


Acetaia Del Parco, a discreet place, away from prying eyes, where the seasons follow one another to build, year after year, the balsamic nectar.

The Acetaia hosts ancient batteries, the barrels jealously and wisely guard the precious liquids.

The woods of different essences are colored by time and release intense aromas and each participates in a different way in the excellence of the balsamic nectar.

The batteries of the Acetaia del Parco are composed of different types of wood:

The Juniper, a very aromatic wood, difficult to find but highly appreciated for conferring particular aromas to the balsamic vinegar of Modena;

The Oak, a neutral wood with aromas that limits the exchange with the outside and maintains the product;

The Chestnut, a compact wood rich in tannin that gives color and accelerates the aging process;

The Mulberry, a porous wood that facilitates the concentration of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena;

The Cherry, a rosy wood that gives delicate aromas.